HD Entertainment
= Hugely Distinctive

April 2012

During this month you could say HD Entertainment is defined as hugely distinctive.

Dance, art and beauty are all around us. Having the opportunity to create in such diverse settings with different peoples goals and views to consider, has been the fantastic trend for this month.

We started this month with a beautiful Bollywood show at Crown (cast: Ebony Berrell, Alexander Bryan, Travis Khan, Hooman & Dalena). Bollywood shows are joyous and fun!

Travis was all forms of dynamic in our new routine "Desi Boys", Alex & Ebony are always a lovely duo and Dalena & I had a great time with the amazingly talented guests in an audience participation section.

This show was followed up by Rogue's "Checkpoint Charlie" the very next day.

Anthony Callea was a powerful performer at this sultry event.

The cast Daniel Jaime, Travis Khan, Holly Patterson, Ryan Schrader, Hooman & Dalena thrived in a great performance at TRAK. This cast brought energy and intrigue into the whole venue. Capoeira performed by Daniel, with stunning showgirls Holly and Dalena, unique and exotic muchachos Travis, Ryan and Hooman.

Army & nurse themes, sailors and even army Easter bunny costumes delighted the stage and venue all at this one event. But this isn't all; the HD crew also performed a professional freestyle show with Anthony Callea who is such a strong and vibrant performer.

The diversity in entertainment was not only in our performances but also our choreography.

Two beautiful couples were married this month: Mary-Rose & Rob 21st April and Nasrin & Bill 29th April with personal, unique and beautiful bridal dances.

We are also in the process of choreographing an amazing characterised routine for 12 gents to present for their good friends wedding this coming May in Israel. Staging a show is so much fun when you have such a great group of guys to work with, it hardly feels like work.

We have also been working on a bodybuilding routine with our lovely figure model Dani. The routine is now complete and is ready to be performed in May.

The tracks for out Latin show have been finalised and choreography has begun for "Latin Heat".

We are loving creating with such fantastic people, 2012 is rocking!

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