December is the ultimate month for festivities for HD Entertainment and we were set to impress! On the dance menu for December were some exotic flavours, a little bit of Bollywood and some Latin.

We (cast: Eley May, Ryan Schrader, Serge Zubaryev, Dalena and I) performed our Bollywood "Be Enchanted" show at The Royal Melbourne Hospital which we have done in the past to great success. This time as we were preparing to go on stage the general impression given to us was "don't expect much interaction, don't be offended if no one claps". Of course this isn't the most pleasing message to receive just prior to performing, but the mind is a powerful thing and you choose how a situation will go. So the challenge was set - let's get people cheering, applauding and engaged!

We ran out to perform in an auditorium not unlike a uni lecture theatre with the intention of the show to be all about "face" meaning, don't be so physical in the performance and focus on personality.

What success! The audience were clapping and cheering and fully engaged, and then disaster. The music cut out 2:30 seconds into our performance!? Um, "just smile, it will all work out" were the thoughts in my head. The music system had blown, something I have never seen before.

So it was time for our improvised "Bollywood audience participation", everybody joined in and ended up proving to be a really great crowd. This turned out to be a memorable show and the audience were fantastic. Maybe going out to perform with the challenge of "get people involved" is the key? After the show people continually came up to us and said how fantastic the show was and how much they loved it.

The festive season continued with further excitement when we performed a fusion of our Bollywood and our "Latin Heat" show at the Hilton on the Park for New Year's Eve. Cast (Eley May, Holly Patterson, Ryan Schrader, Serge Zubaryev, Dalena and I) enticed the crowd with Bollywood for our first act then blew them away with our "Latin Heat" in the second and wrapped up the show with some audience participation and more Bollywood in the third act.Bollywood Show

The key sign I keep seeing is make people feel something, don't just work on dancing, base the performance on what feeling you want your audience to have. This will be my main focus as we finalise our next shows.

NYE kept going for Dalena and me as we continued on to the Hilton at Docklands to perform our Jive and Salsa at the Melbourne Salsa New Year's Eve event. Dalena also performed samba with the Melbourne Salsa girls.

I'm always thoroughly impressed with how Melbourne Salsa manage such fantastic events. NYE at this event was somewhere I could see myself wanting to dance the whole night out.

Happy 2012 everyone and look out for 2013 because we have a feeling it's going to be a brilliant year!

Captivate. Dance. Ignite.