Indian Summer

February 2012

The HD Entertainment crew has been enjoying performing at beautiful Indian weddings and functions this month.

Our fantastic cast includes: Ebony Berrell, Alexander Bryan, Kahmen Ceh, Leonard Cornelius, Travis Khan, AJ Lacuesta, Eley May, Nathan Smith and of course Hooman & Dalena.

We have loved performing our "Be Enchanted" Bollywood production. A mixture of commercial Bollywood songs like "Jai Ho" and "Sheila", with some fun routines added, makes a delightful Punjabi experience.

Alex and Ebony always wow the crowd with their amazing tricks. "The spinner" is a highlight of the second set as are Nathan's acrobatics.

Travis, AJ and Leo infuse a chocolaty commercial hotness when they step on the stage.

And while Kahmen, Ebony and Dalena usually mesmerize audiences during their Latin shows with intoxicating hip shaking, these versatile ladies delight in this Bollywood production.

The wonderful and talented Eley May has recently joined the crew. We are so very honoured to have her "twisting the light bulb" and performing with us.

A final thought - a fantastic man and ballet dancer, Paul DeMasson passed away just recently.

There is no way I can write anything to say what an enormous loss this is.

A quote from Fiona Tonkin about Paul left us this thought "to dance is a privilege, to entertain is magical".

These events only strengthen the notion that I have so much to learn and to appreciate people around me.

Enjoy 2012, let's make it a year to remember!

Click here to view photos from our Bollywood show!

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