January 2012

Our "Atlantis meets Aquaman" inspired show was performed on new year's day for Rogue Revolution at Neverland in South Melbourne.

Talented cast: Kahmen Ceh, Hooman Ebadi, Mark Hutchinson, AJ Lacuesta, Dalena Leggieri, Holly Paterson and Ryan Schrader.

Costume Design: Dalena Leggieri

Choreography: Dalena Leggieri assisted by Hooman Ebadi.

Deep Desires has the story base of a theatre show with current music and commercial style choreography.

The Concept: AJ plays a mixed role of Aquaman and King Atlantis and is enmeshed in a struggle to keep the trident, together with his power of the underwater world. With his majestic and seductive mermaids Kahmen, Dalena and Holly, he fights the shark tribe, played by Hooman, Mark and Ryan.

The struggle for power sees AJ brutally stripped of his trident in a fight scene which culminates in a dynamic and seductive partner section between the mermaids and sharks. This results in a division within the shark tribe and the victorious AJ regaining his trident and his power over Atlantis.

The underwater world acknowledges that AJ is worthy of the trident and finally celebrate his power.

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Performance with Inaya Day:

The HD Entertainment boys (Hooman Ebadi, Mark Hutchinson, AJ Lacuesta and Ryan Schrader) set the mood at Trak for the new year's day Rogue Revolution 'military event' after party, by performing Michael Jackson's "Drill Choreography".

The HD boys then had great pleasure in dancing to three songs performed by the beautiful Inaya Day and especially enjoyed being her back-up dancers for "Never Had Another Love".

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