Forest Fantasy

JULY 2012

July is all about getting all the performers ready for the September 2nd medal night.

My students have been working very hard to perfect and finalise their routines and start working on expression and the performance aspect of their show.

Our 'Forest Fantasy' themed medal night is set to be a fantastic evening of entertainment.

The event will have performances in a wide variety of styles such as Latin American, Street Latin and also some different routines I've been choreographing.

My bodybuilding client will be performing the pose routine that he has been working on and a lively bridal couple of mine are going to perform their routine.

Choreographing for a bodybuilding routine, bridal dance or paso doble, or any other performance is always a special and momentous event.

To nurture a student is a difficult but important privilege.

We as teachers need to develop and challenge our students to grow and improve, yet we need to foster them along the way. We need to be careful not to set limits on how much our students can achieve and we must continue to encourage them to go beyond their safe zone and make them realize how capable and "extra-ordinary" they are.

To breathe when stressed and take risks to be excellent is the aim for the September medal night.

I can't wait to put photos and video of the event up on the HD website.

Update: Please click here to watch our medal night video!

Captivate. Dance. Ignite.