Heat of the Dragon meets the Enchanted Knight

June 2012

This month the HD Crew were kept busy at a variety of performances including a premier Latin event, a delicious R'n'B bar and rockin' some new costumes and colour at a dance party. Into this mix we threw a bit of Bollywood glamour and of course came up with the explosive entertainment that our audiences have come to expect.

The 'Latin Heat' ladies were a majestic and stunning sight at the launch of Melbourne Salsa's new night at Key Club. Rachel Jaime, Dalena Leggieri and Eley May made a colourful, beautiful and seductive troupe in their Brazilian costumes and lit up the event with their electric performance. The girls were on fire!

From Latin to R'n'B at Randy Dragon

Randy Dragon is one of the friendliest old school R'n'B bars you will find. They know how to party at this Flinders Lane bar and always create an atmosphere that is fun, fun, fun! Dalena & I love performing in this fantastic venue, especially when it's for Raf's birthday. The crowd are always up for a big night and we love revving them up and getting the party started!

Our 'Be Enchanted' production was also a hit at another colourful and vibrant event. The cast (Ebony Berrell, Kahmen Ceh, Leo Cornelius, Eley May and new talent, Serge Zybaryev) worked brilliantly to deliver a glamourous, joyous and energetic Bollywood performance. This hard working cast are an impressive group.

To wrap up June, the HD Crew were an innovative and spectacular sight at a Rogue Saxon dance party at Seven night club. The boys (Leo Cornelius, Ryan Schrader, Nathan Smith and I) were a dazzling sight in our new Knight costumes, our Fluoro gear and our Army outfits.

Looking forward to the next half of the year, great things to come :)

Captivate. Dance. Ignite.