Exporting 100% Beef

March 2012

Our muscular men exported to NZ this month.

The HD boys (cast included: Ryan Schrader, Ty Kramer, Travis Khan & Leo Cornelius) performed a tongue in cheek "school boy" routine at Family bar in Auckland, NZ. The boys also visited Urge bar & DNA to perform podium sets and promote MANHUNT.

Dalena and I are very proud of our boys as they are not only great dancers but professional, reliable and such lovely men. Needless to say the shows were very successful.

On another note but yet a beautiful sounding note:

I'm always being enlightened while teaching my wonderful students. I feel like I am always learning more about either the skill of teaching or the multiple layers that dance involves.

Repetition has been the highlighted important aspect of teaching this month. The importance of strengthening and developing ONE aspect is vital to great success in the understanding of a new skill or refining a previously learnt skill.

Sometimes we focus on the fun and variability of a class, which is important in developing the whole dancer, but constant repetition can lock in new skills most effectively.

Not that this is anything revolutionary or a new concept, as muscle memory and such principles are well known, but sometimes the more we know the less we use fundamentals to teach skills.

My student Julia Wood describes the process of learning dance as (I have used my words to describe her concept): a bendy road where you have constant "light bulb" moments, then moments where things don't work or the skill doesn't integrate. But the journey to learn our new skill is sometimes the fun part in conquering the new concept.

It's fantastic to keep learning new skills, as it's like constantly fueling your fire of inspiration.

I constantly learn from my students, even though I'm supposed to be the teacher?

We just learn together and share.

Click here to view photos of the boys in Auckland!

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