The Thrill of Competition


November was a huge breakthrough month. Dalena and I competed in our first competition, opened our studio "HD Entertainment Headquarters" and were involved in loads of other fun things.

Let's start at the beginning. On Sunday November 4th we (cast: Leonard Cornelius, Travis Khan, Ryan Schrader and myself) had the pleasure of performing with Wynter Gordan to her tracks "Dirty Talk" and "Bye My Love" at Rogue Spitfire. We were thrilled to have the opportunity to perform with her as her songs are popular at many clubs.

As our experience grows I have one fundamental principle and that is that you can never be too thoroughly prepared. This preparation also encompasses the ability to stay flexible and be ready for change. The thorough preparation enables you to perform your full piece as you envision it and the flexibility gives you the ability to adapt, which is often the critical difference between seeing the 'awkward' moments or creating magic!

The boys put this principle into practice beautifully when they adapted to a track order change just prior to the performance and a quick costume change became a supersonic costume change, not to mention staging alterations in the spot, but regardless of the disruption the routines looked great.

I was thoroughly impressed with the boys' adaptive skills. This ability to make the routines look seamless and spectacular is quite a craft, however it is 'very pleasant' to say the least, to have the show run as planned?

Next stop was at Baroq where Ryan Schrader and I performed at Phoebe's Hens night. The adaptive skills came in handy again as the room we were supposed to perform in got swapped to one half the size, but the show goes on and it was a great success. A huge reason this was such a success is the audience. The guests at Phoebe's hens were so receptive that we couldn't have asked for a better crowd. The night was a highlight of the week for Ryan and I and it was fantastic to receive an email from the organisers of Phoebe's hens saying how much fun they had.

On that same night, the "Be Enchanted" Bollywood crew were doing their thing (cast Eley May, Serge Zubaryev and Dalena) at another venue. Eley wowed the crowd by combining rhythmic gymnastics and Bollywood dance. Serge was the main man of the show and Dalena was both dancer and MC which was a new experience for her but one at which she excelled!

In the meantime, Dalena and I were constantly preparing for our first dance competition at the 67th Australian Dancesport Championship in Latin American. Preparing for a competition is definitely a journey and I know we grew from the experience. Not only do you have to develop your dancing (technique/performance) and physicality (fitness, aesthetic body condition), costuming (design and even manufacturing your own outfit - Dalena made the most beautiful costumes!) but you have to learn how to rehearse together, and this is where Dalena and I grew the most.Australian Dancesport Championship

I had to learn how to relax in training and not try to have everything perfect straight away. How to enjoy getting better together gradually. By competition time we were on the same page, happy and ready to show everyone what we had worked so hard on.

The thrill of the competition took our dancing to another level and we danced better than ever (connection felt great, performance was continuous and strong). We genuinely had fun!

We placed fourth which was good but the real win was how great dancing together felt and how well we worked together. We were also so grateful for our coaches' help (David Byrnes and Karla Gerbes). Not to mention having our family and friends cheering us on which was so brilliant!

Our final exciting news for November is the opening of our studio "HD Entertainment Headquarters". We are very proud to announce that we officially have a "dance home".

Dalena and I have been continually renovating and decorating the back studio at Hit the Floor dance studio into a beautiful, creative space full of personality. This was definitely a tiring and hectic time for us as we were preparing for our comp as well as continuing our normal workload, but the late night painting sessions which often finished at 3am were well worth it as we now have stunning golden walls, clean white ceiling and chocolate brown floor.

We will still be decorating and adding little touches in December (such as shelving/seating). We love our Dance Home!

Time to pick it up a notch as we get ready for a huge, festive December!

Captivate. Dance. Ignite.