Changing Faces


We love wearing different 'hats' or in our case, different costumes. This month we went from being Indian to Italian overnight and then I morphed into a werewolf on Halloween.

October started out with Dalena and me performing our "I Love Salsa" routine at the Melbourne Uni showcase night and then teaching a progressive salsa. I think our students were a little surprised to see the transformation of their teacher from tracksuit and t-shirt wearing, to shirtless and in performance mode.

Our lovely student made us so proud when they performed a tango showcase. Some of these students had only 2-3 hours to pick up a tango routine after learning the tango for just over a month.

It is a pleasure to see the pure love of dance that these young adults show.

Our next 'hat' was a joyous Bollywood/Latino star. The cast Ebony Berrell, Leo Cornelius, Eley May, Ryan Schrader, Serge Zubaryev and I were delighted to entertain at a celebration for a 1 year old.

I'm not sure if the birthday girl enjoyed the show but it made me so happy when her father gave me a hug - he was so thrilled with our performance.

Great cast = great show!

The very next day Ryan Schrader and I were Roman Centurions at the first Italian fiesta in Carlton.

Thanks to the brilliant sewing skills of Dalena and her mum, the two of us were an impressive sight.

For the four hours we were there we had so many photos taken of us that there were people queuing up. Had we been outside the Colosseum in Rome we could have charged for these snaps!

Next stop Randy Dragon.

This bar always makes you happy and feel good, and if you like old school R'n'B this is the place for you. Holly Patterson and I rocked the bar and mingled with the crowd on Oct 29. Holly is a pleasure to work with and Randy Dragon patrons were thrilled with her smokin' hotness.Halloween Show at Randy Dragon

Halloween at Randy Dragon is huge. The venue can boast the best decorated Halloween event around town. It is certainly the best that I have seen at any club. The costumes from staff were superb and the crowd were as impressive and colourful as the venue. Dalena and I were Red Riding Hood and Mr Wolf. We were in character from the get go and damn it was fun!

November is only going to get more exciting as we set up HD Entertainment Headquarters! This studio is set to be full of personality. We can't wait to show everyone what we have created. Stayed tuned for updates!

Another exciting piece of news is that Dalena and I will be competing in the Australian Dancesport Championships on the 29th November. We are working extremely hard and are both nervous and excited… let's get ready for showtime!

Captivate. Dance. Ignite.