Show vs Competition - the beauty of both.

APRIL 2013

This month saw Dalena and I get tanned up and bust out our Latin moves at the Crown Championship. We tore up the floor and gleamed in our Swarovski decorated costumes - all made by the talented Dalena of course!

The thrill of competition is addictive, exciting, nerve racking, fun and frustrating. This spectrum of emotions is what makes these events so fantastic, not to mention my dance partner, who is nice to be around.Hooman Ebadi Dalena Legieri Crown Latin Competition

Having a goal or show is awesome for my dancing. It keeps you focused and driven and stops you from becoming complacent. It also keeps you striving to improve. Sometimes being focused on results alone can work against you and this is something I need to manage as it can taint the process of competing. Too much of anything isn't useful.

I'm learning how important it is to evaluate yourself and your progress as opposed to relying on other people's feedback or external factors. Evaluating yourself keeps you humble but allows you to be confident too. Staying humble as a dancer or person is very important to me, because the ego of a dancer in particular can be abrasive and put a barrier up so that the audience doesn't feel what the dancer/performer has to offer. Being egocentric shifts the focus onto receiving accolades rather than demonstrating your craft.

From competition to show time! New environment means adapting your processes.

Shows generally give you much more freedom as you are not being compared to anyone else and entertainment is the focus of the performance, as opposed to technique etc.

We had the pleasure of performing a spectacular Bollywood and Latin show at a wonderful wedding.

The cast Eley May, Dalena and I had a great time performing to a lovely group of people.

One of the best things about these shows is seeing both adults and children getting involved in the show and dancing along.

Not only did the HD Crew perform at the wedding, but our fantastic students performing their bridal dance. On Friday 19th April, Shane and Tara performed their dance to "Love Lost" by The Temper Trap. They were a pleasure to teach and we're sure the crowd would have been blown away by their performance.

Next stop May, wow the year is full steam ahead.

Let's get ready for a spectacular month!

Captivate. Dance. Ignite.