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This month brought some media coverage for the group!

The ladies, Eley May, Holly Paterson & the delightful Dalena all looked stunning in beautiful bridal gowns for a Herald Sun photo shoot. Cheesy Hooman played the goofy groom in contrast to the beautiful brides. The story accompanying the shots discussed bridal dance performances and the all exciting things that are possible to help make the newlywed's special day all that more special. A professionally choreographed bridal dance can take all the angst out of having two left feet! Demonstrating this, our beautiful friends Ramon and Libby were married this month and performed their smooth and stylish bridal dance, proudly choreographed by Hooman. It gives me great satisfaction to see couples rise to the challenge of accomplishing a new dance style to round out their wedding celebrations. They were stunning, but we knew that they would!Hooman Ebadi Dalena Legieri Herald Sun Bridal Dance

As a result of the photo in the Herald Sun, 3AW contacted me to speak regarding bridal dances. Boy was I nervous but loved my 5 seconds of fame - hahaha.

August saw some fantastic shows being produced and we loved performing them.

We had the pleasure of performing at the Sofitel after competing there the previous week.

We performed for an event called Rhapsody in Blue (a charity event helping underprivileged children by encouraging them to be active, specifically through tennis lessons). It was an absolute joy to perform at this event, not only to support the cause, but because the event organiser Susie Norton was so brilliant to work with. Not to mention, the Sofitel was beautifully decked out and looked absolutely stunning. The cast, Hooman and Dalena performed a stylish intro to Rhapsody in Blue followed by a rumba and jive.

On this same night, we had earlier finished our tech run at the Grand Hyatt and returned there after our performance at the Sofitel for a glamorous Gatsby show. I am always impressed with the costumes Dalena designs and makes but this show revealed the most stunning Show Girl costumes I have seen!

Our Gatsby cast was filled with talented acts brought together by Urban Cirque. When we combined our dancers with the brilliant circus performers and then added the exciting choreography and beautiful costumes, both created by Dalena, we made a huge hit!

Our Gatsby show was set to impress!

Apart from performing in some wonderful shows I get the opportunity to teach talented, hard-working and enthusiastic people. We all went to a Tango social at Viva dance this month. No matter how much "theory" you work on during your lesson we all need to go to a social and relax with the music and dance. The joy of having the skill and freedom to social dance tango, salsa or anything is a life-long skill and I hope more people enjoy the live bands, venues and entertainment offered at these events.

Music & dance is freedom!

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