The Extravaganza begins!


We had the pleasure of performing our Latin Heat Theatre show at Rios Brazilian Restaurant in Richmond for the month of February. Our beautiful cast Kierah Davis, Jason Ellershaw, Eley May, Holly Paterson and Ryan Schrader were an absolute pleasure to work with. Dalena and I are constantly impressed with the talent these dancers have and how much they love dancing.

The show at Rios was a complete success and we were extremely proud to present a production that we were so passionate about and that we had worked so hard to develop. I'm always amazed with the extensive skill Dalena has with editing music, choreography, costume making and to top it all off, her stunning dancing.

The experience of performing at Rios every week was brilliant and every show was a fantastic moment for us. Even though we performed the same show each week, the show never felt exactly the same for me. There was always something to be learnt from each performance as well as different aspects of performance to focus on. This varied from things such as engaging different audiences; our power in movement versus emotion; or connection with the cast.

We were very lucky to have such tremendous support from friends and family and you could feel the electricity when they were in the audience. When we had an audience that we didn't know, it was great to see their reaction to the unexpected vibrancy and entertainment that the show offered. At the Rios venue the audience is seated all around the floor area as well as on an upper level, so connecting with everyone was a challenge but a great aspect to explore as a performer.

The balance between physical power and performance was also great to explore. I loved how energetic and passionate our dancers were and the commitment to their parts made the show a great triumph. I could go on about Latin Heat but I'll add more in future blogs.Hip Hop Show MelbourneSuffice to say, I am exceedingly proud and pleased with HD Entertainment’s ability to produce quality shows.

February also saw the HD Crew get a little ghetto at Bling. The cast of Eley May, Ryan Schrader, Dalena and I enjoyed performing our Hip Hop routine. It was fabulous to have the opportunity to create in different styles. This routine was original and fresh with a little bit of old school - I always have a soft spot for some hip hop groove.

February was incredible!

Captivate. Dance. Ignite.