Luck = Opportunity + Having done the work so you're ready


January kicked off with the HD crew at Rogue's New Year's Day after party at Trak. Whenever we perform at Rogue events, the cast - Eley May, Holly Paterson, Serge Zubaryev, Dalena and I always try to show something different and eye catching.

We had the pleasure of Performing with "Angel Tupai" from the Australian X-Factor. For this routine our costumes were striking black and gold outfits. We always take great pride in our costuming and once again Dalena impressed with her clever design and careful manufacture.

We also performed two freestyle sets, the boys wearing Roman soldier outfits and the girls as Roman goddesses. We even welded leg pieces to look like sandals for the girls! Making your own costumes and accessories is extremely satisfying.

Our second freestyle set was a fluoro set where Eley wowed the crowd with her rhythmic gymnastics skills. That ribbon was mesmerising!

January has been one of the most exciting and thrilling months that HD Entertainment has had. We were lucky enough to get the opportunity to be booked to perform our "Latin Heat" theatre show at Rio's Brazilian Restaurant for the whole month of February!

This I believe is due to a number of things. Firstly, the good will and grace of Julia Androsenko, resident choreographer, costume maker and samba queen at Rios, for recommending our show. And secondly, the Rios owners Rene & Sandra, for believing in us to be able to live up to the high standard expected at Rios and to be able to captivate and thrill their audience.

This opportunity came by but it was not entirely due to luck. There has been a core group of dedicated people around Dalena and me who have been working tirelessly for a year preparing Melbourne's best Latin show. We wanted beautiful costumes, choreography and explosive performances to provide the most impressive experience for spectators. We wanted them to see and feel what the Latin style has to offer and what our group could do to make that happen. It was time for Melbourne to sit up and take notice!

It is a treat to work with such talented and hard-working dancers. Dalena and I are truly blessed to be able to create great work with these wonderful people and also to have a fantastic support base which allows us to present a show that we are honestly proud to put our name to.Latin Heat Show

I cannot say enough about how incredible Dalena is in putting a show together. Her skill, expertise and vision in costume making, music editing, choreography, directing and of course her passionate dancing is a major asset of the show (she is our secret weapon).

We have had brilliant input form David Byrnes & Karla Gerbes in creating our partner sections that will surely impress; theatrical advice from Robert Sturrock & Stephen McDowell on how to make a story and performance more effective and specific Latin show advice from Julia Androsenko.

Our Cast (Ebony Berrell, Kierah Davis, Jason Ellershaw, Eley May, Holly Paterson, Ryan Schrader and Dalena) have been fantastic to work with and I believe we have all improved in the journey of putting this show together.

Personally, I am loving the challenge of making a show that is more than dancing. To create something that has a subtle story with the aim of giving people a passionate, seductive and joyful experience is very gratifying.

I'll discuss the journey of the show further in our February Blog once our season is complete. In the meantime let's get ready for some Heat, Latin Heat!

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