The Joy of Diversity

JULY 2013

This month Dalena and I had the pleasure of performing in many collaborations; as a duo, in a group, as dance-sport competitors and as teachers of corporate/work teams.

The diversity of dance is such a breath of fresh air for us. It allows you to see something that you love from all different aspects. This diversity is our strength and sometimes our challenge.

We had the pleasure of performing as a duo at Rio's Latin Restaurant amongst their regular cast. As a dancer, one of my greatest joys is to dance with Dalena as a couple. We always aim at improving our physicality and technique but even more importantly in this setting, we aim to improve the "like-ability" or "accessibility" of our performance so we can reach the audience.

The challenge we face with this aspect of the dance is adjusting our performance for dance-sport competitions. The Sofitel comp during this month forced us to direct our focus into demonstrating certain criteria that is being judged as technically more dynamic and impressive than our competitors’ in a comparative field.

This contrast of focus will eventually make our shows more technical and our competitions more engaging. A win-win! Long term we aim to get better in every way, and some environments encourage certain parts of your dance to improve.

This month we also had the pleasure of performing at Chasers for a new Latin event.

This event was a great for opportunity for us to stage entertainment for a different type of audience. We were really happy to meet some lovely people. The cast were Eley May, Holly Paterson, and Dalena and Hooman.

Dalena and I also had the pleasure of teaching a group of wonderful people at Moo Moo Cafe/Cheryl Bastow Design.

Team-building salsa classes are great fun and a great way to encourage communication and understanding within a work place. Not that this group needed any help with team work, this was a great place and Cheryl Bastow is a gem!

It might not be Christmas in July but we love the festivities :)

Captivate. Dance. Ignite.