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JUNE 2013

The HD crew loved performing at Robert and Jasmina's wedding on the 5th June.Robert Jasmina Wedding Latin Show

Jason Ellershaw, Eley May, Dalena and I always enjoy performing at weddings, but it's fantastic when the family and friends of the bride and groom love to dance as well. The kids were partying and we even had guests break dancing after the show. It was definitely a celebration!

On the same night another of our student couples was celebrating their wedding. From all reports their bridal dance was marvellous and the lift was a crowd pleaser. Luke and Liana were a lovely couple to teach.

The Grand Hyatt was the scene of the HD Dancers next performance. The cast Eley May, Stephen McDowell, Holly Paterson, Ryan Schrader, Dalena and I really enjoyed performing a unique routine in a head to toe white unitard. The formations were flawless and we impressed! Having a great crowd just makes it even better.

The performances continued with Dalena and I dancing at a Persian event in Blackburn. Nothing beats performing with Dalena - it's always such a pleasure!

Sharing dance is what we do by performing and teaching. We had the pleasure of taking out a few RMIT salsa students to Tromba in Brunswick for their first social salsa dance. It's great to witness the faces of our new students as they discover the beauty and enjoyment of speaking the language of dance with another person. The reward of seeing a student develop and flourish in their dancing is simply a joy.

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