The Show goes on!

MARCH 2013

Our stay at Rios Brazilian Restaurant was extended by 3 weeks and we had a ball!

We were lucky enough to have channel 44 (the old channel 31) record our show at Rios and then put to air a 5 minute edit.

Our friend and fantastic photographer, Filipa Caruso took wonderful photos for us, and one of the most down to earth and talented men I know, Walter Collins from Brand Strategy Television, took brilliant live footage. He has now created a wonderful show reel of our performance.

Watch our Latin Heat show teaser video!

Capturing the memories of the show will allow us to develop Latin Heat further for the future. I can't wait to show the next development of our vibrant production.

We also had two lovely couples get married. One of our specialties is choreographing and teaching a suitable routine for wedding day bridal 'waltzes'. The couples choose their favourite song and we create a dance around that song.

Michael & Tiffiny Korda performed their beautiful and elegant dance with grace. They did such a lovely job and looked wonderful. Also the lovely Will & Nicole performed a classic and charismatic foxtrot which had the crowd cheering. What delightful couples we get to work with. I cherish these great moments and it is an absolute privilege to help these couple and be a part of this special time in their lives.

The celebrations went from weddings to birthday parties, where we performed the ;Be Retro; show. The '70s themed party was a great event. All the guests were in costume and they were a blast! With the mood set so well, our show was enthusiastically received and was so much fun to perform. Our cast Eley May, Holly Paterson and I had heaps of fun rocking this show out with our mega afros (I definitely look a little comical but that just makes it all the more fun).

The celebrations continued with our champion Eley May winning her first figure bodybuilding competition, not only in her division but the overall on the day! How impressive!! But it was justified as Eley has worked non-stop to develop her body into the fine shape that it is.Eley May Bodybuilder costume design

We were proud to be involved in making Eley's stunning original design bikini (by 'we' I mean the multi-talented Dalena) It was a work of art which complemented her Eley-A-Mazing physique. It was inspiring to see Eley achieve such well-deserved greatness.

Bodybuilding and art go hand in hand, and I believe bodybuilding is about art not just big muscles. The art of a human being is incredible. I personally love the human body and it always fascinates me what a person can do physically whether dancing, in sport, or creating a beautiful symmetrical sculpted physique.

March was the time to celebrate!

Captivate. Dance. Ignite.