Evolution of dance: from function to expression

MAY 2013

As a teacher of dance a constant challenge is giving your students the knowledge about how to move, turn, isolate and be aware of the function of their body. However, without the ultimate goal of using that function to express, we forget to dance.

This month I had the pleasure of partnering some of my students with their medals (dance performance) at Hit the Floor Medal Night on Friday 17th May. Jodi, Cheryl, Chrissy and Julia all performed exceptionally well and are a joy to teach. I am always very proud of my students but I was especially impressed with Julia's first ever contemporary solo.

The following day I had a lovely couple performing their bridal dance. Martyn and Heejung performed a beautiful medley bridal dance that they so creatively and wonderfully conceptualised. I really enjoyed helping them create this lovely piece.Hooman Ebadi Dalena leggieri Third Place

The HD dancers were also working it this month. The brilliant team wowed at Matrioshka at a lovely lady’s 21st Birthday party celebration. Eley May, Holly Paterson, Ryan Schrader, Dalena and I loved performing "Latin Heat" to such a great crowd!

Dalena and I also had the thrill of being on the "ballroom competition floor" again this month. We enjoyed the experience and came third at the Victorian Championship. We love to keep learning and the challenge of evolving our dance.

The aim for us and our students is to dance more expressively, more powerfully and to wow the crowd! Let’s dance to make people feel and ignite emotions within the audience and not merely for the applause.

Captivate. Dance. Ignite.