Showtime continues...


We thought last month brought a variety of characters to perform but it was nothing compared with what this month had in store!

We performed our Spectacular "Latin Heat" show at Oriana receptions, we were Bollywood dancers, DanceSport competition Latin dancers, Studio 54 characters and even preformed salsa and samba in a 1.5sq. metre floor in between tables and chairs at a wedding!

The Oriana reception was such a party. The guests were all dancing, there were singers performing and of course there was the spectacular floor show by our HD Crew!

The HD Dancers were Latino one night then two days later rocking it Bollywood style! We are so happy to show our diversity and creativity through varied styles. I have a feeling next year we will explore even more.

The week after our Bollywood event Dalena and I won our first DanceSport competition at the Nova Classic. We were thrilled with the result but are ready and able to take our dancing to the next level.

After these wonderful functions we had a blast being characters at a Studio 54 event for over 28's. Dalena was Alice Brady (absolutely hilarious), Holly Paterson was Madonna (she really looked fantastic), Jason Ellershaw was from the Living End (rock star) and I was from Kiss (extremely funny)!

We also wore disco costumes and even showed some flare with Afros and gold hot pants.Studio 54 Show

Dalena always has the crew looking spectacular in her personally designed and hand-sewn costumes. This is a massive reason why our productions stand out from the rest.

One of the most difficult challenges we are faced with when we perform at different venues is that the conditions are so extremely varied. We had the pleasure of performing for a beautiful Brazilian bride and her handsome Lebanese groom whose guests were a brilliant, festive audience, however we had to perform our routines in an area less than 1/4 of the size we needed for our lifts and tricks.

We managed, but this is why you must know your work so well so that you can adapt and perform with 100% quality regardless of the changed environment. Obviously if the conditions are not safe we would not perform or ask our dancers to perform, however the variety makes you learn how important connection and awareness around your space is!

Fantastic month - now Christmas is just around the corner and that means functions are coming.

Captivate. Dance. Ignite.