Teaching is as much about learning as it is about passing your knowledge on to others.


This month I had the pleasure of seeing my students perform routines for their medals (dance grading) and two of my lovely bridal couples dance their "First Dance"

My lovely students performed at the Hit The Floor medal night with Chrissy finishing her Silver Latin with cha cha and jive, Jodi starting her Gold Star by performing the rumba and Rhonda rocking the Gold Star rumba and jive.

I am very lucky as the wonderful students I have are a joy to be around. It makes me so proud to watch them face challenges and grow to new levels. I have been teaching most of my lovely students for more than 7 years and they have all developed into individual dancers with so much personality on the dance floor (and sometimes a lot of personality off the dance floor, hahaha just joking).

For me, it is a privilege to be involved in developing my students. To work together as a team, to dance more, to feel more and to help them become stronger dancers is something I love. I consider it a real honour to be involved with people at this level.

When you have a student who is so committed and passionate about something and is willing to push themselves as much as they can, then as a teacher it never feel like you are working. The teacher is the facilitator who enables the student’s access to problem solving and permission to explore opportunities that will allow them be the dancer they deserve.

My bridal students are great to work with too. Many of the couples I normally work with want something special, maybe even a little fancy! There are definitely plenty of shy grooms too, whose only wish is to not look awkward.

I had Ziv & Laine performing a power packed and light hearted first dance in Israel, the photos looked beautiful!

Close friends Robert and Christina performed an entertaining three part routine. Robbie is 100% a showman and Christina was his elegant bride.

I look forward to seeing the footage from all my bridal couples one day and seeing them repeat it at their 10 year anniversary.

Captivate. Dance. Ignite.