What would happen if you believed it wasn’t impossible?

APRIL 2014

This month the concept to ponder is "What would happen if you believed it wasn’t impossible"?

I put this quote on the door at our studio because I honestly believe I have students who can achieve amazing things. I guess I am challenging them to consider this idea and question their self-beliefs.

The reality is we can all achieve greatness but we often over think it, doubt it and sometimes act in a way that stops our dreams coming true.

Do you really want to kick high, turn or do some spectacular lifts but let the cloud of doubt creep over your goals? Do you think "I want that but it's impossible for me"?

This is a major part of my teaching, to sequentially give my students the tools they need to achieve their dance goals. And I must always reverse this to apply the same advice to myself (which is actually much harder but so important).

If we want to turn better, we might need to take that humbling step and go to some adult ballet classes to strengthen the ankles and connect the body to rise up on those toes and rotate with ease. While it may seem like an inconvenience now, in 5 years time you will be making those amazing turns and saying "damn I'm glad I stuck with that".Tribal Dance Show

On the HD front, we had the pleasure of seeing another delightful couple perform a beautiful first dance. Ally and Matt looked so wonderful performing an elegant routine at their wedding. I'm actually very proud of them as they weren't 100&per; sure they would be able to achieve this but they certainly did, lift and all.

Dalena and Holly were also fabulous at an extravagant jungle themed 40th birthday party.

Costumes were exceptionally designed and made by Dalena and the girls were beautiful and engaging, as always.

Hope you all achieve whatever you desire, let’s get it started now.

Captivate. Dance. Ignite.