Our Dancing Bride is off
to Queensland!


This month we were delighted to see one of our lovely dancers get married. The beautiful bride Holly and handsome groom Max tied the knot in Queensland.

I had the pleasure of choreographing their first dance which was performed elegantly. It is a challenge for the groom to keep up with his bride when she is a professional dancer but Max was fantastic! Dalena and I were asked to perform our salsa routine, which was lots of fun.Wedding Dance Melbourne

As the month continued we did lots of teaching, which included some large groups.

Dalena and I taught at Melbourne Uni as part of their welcome program for exchange students. It is an introduction to Melbourne city as well as to the university. We had around 200 enthusiastic students who all learnt salsa and merengue. They were fast learners so we were able to throw in a fun dance competition.

We also had the pleasure of teaching basic salsa steps to our audience at our Latin Heat Sunday session at Rio's. Teaching the guests was a great experience, giving us an opportunity to connect with the audience before the show commenced - a very positive element for engaging with the crowd. Getting the guests to dance with each other was also great as this made each person more connected and comfortable during the show.

I look forward to running the class and show event again.....get ready for our next Latin Show production

Teaching groups continued, with me returning to Melbourne Uni for "O Week". I had the job of instructing some fun moves to the new students to Melbourne who are often first-timers away from home and are embarking on a new phase of their lives as on-campus students. The idea of having a dance class is a great ice-breaker. It allows everyone to get to know each other in a fun and non-threatening environment. It breaks down barriers of isolation or shyness and is one of the best things you can do. Needless to say, this class was a great success.

The beauty of dance is that the skill/craft/art stays with you and even grows. Its value is immeasurable, unlike some tangible goods that have a ‘shelf life'. These lovely students can now dance together at any event without feeling awkward or shy. As a young man (which I vividly remember hahaha) it is so important to know how to interact with a lady and feel comfortable socialising with her, which is one of the benefits that dancing offers. Even knowing the basics of how to hold a lady, dip her, etc. are important interactive lessons.

Ladies can also explore letting the guy lead and being actively responsive (following). This can be really hard for some of these independent and intelligent ladies as they try to guess what is coming next and might subtly be a little controlling (I hope Dalena doesn't read this). Trusting your partner is an important aspect for the dancers.

Dance and life entwine themselves on different levels. In many ways, how you feel or what you are confident or insecure about, can be explored through dance. By allowing yourself to submit to this exploration, you can really learn a lot about yourself.

Captivate. Dance. Ignite.