Swarovski, Salsa and Shows

JULY 2014

This month Dalena and I enjoyed dancing our first Latin Dancesport competition for the year - and we won! We love competing but more importantly we love dancing together. At this comp, we focused on what we wanted out of our performance and showing everyone what we are passionate about. There are many challenges with competitions but these challenges are what we all need to grow and learn.Latin Dancesport Champions

From the ballroom to the earthy salsa. We also launched our salsa classes at the Space which was a great success. We are thrilled to have the opportunity to guide people to learn and explore this fun and joyful dance.

Something a little different for us this month. I performed a solo cha cha routine at a lovely lady's 40th birthday celebration. Family friendly and cheeky was the flavour and it was a hit!

From the cheeky cha cha to the HD Crew performing our Brazilian show at The Grand.

The dancers Hana Dawson, Rebecca Magazzu, Ryan Schrader, Dalena and I really enjoy performing together. We always have to be adaptable as each function and event has its own peculiarities. At one performance we had an interesting musician in charge of our show music. He was a little too confident and chose not to listen to us about how our show works and consequently stopped the track at 'random' times. This was a great lesson for us in improvisation!

The thought for the month is 'grow from the challenges - they are opportunities to learn'. This is definitely easier to say than do but when you rise after being challenged the feeling is phenomenal!

Captivate. Dance. Ignite.