World Cup Party Time!

JUNE 2014

This month has been a celebration for the soccer fanatics and for us, the Brazilian dance lovers. With the global focus on the World Cup in Brazil we had even more reason to get the feathers and sequins out (not that you really need an excuse).Brazil World Cup Show

Our Latin month started with Dalena and I performing a stunning Ballroom Latin floorshow for the lovely people at Happy Receptions (by name and nature, this venues is a happy reception centre). We wowed the crowd with Paso Doble, Tango, Rumba, Cha Cha and more. The crowd was very easy to engage and were very attentive, however sometimes little challenges are thrown up at you and in this show it came in the form of a dance floor completely covered in talcum powder! Powder on the floor makes dancing feel like you’re driving a car that has no brakes - not ideal, but the show goes on and the crowd was delighted.

From being the tallest people in the venue (almost tallest at least) then going to 161 Club in Prahran and being the shortest people was a definite change of scenery. We were there in the Brazilian feathers and elaborate costumes for the venue's birthday celebration, it was an entertainment filled night.

Our next show the following week was at Little Creatures in Brunswick and Dalena and I performed our Salsa routine on a table (yes that’s right - a table) with lifts and tricks (not as scary as it would seem). The audience was brilliant and we loved it.

Next stop, Funky Town!

The HD Crew (Jason Ellershaw, Rebecca Magazzu, Dalena and me) were rocking it out to some retro tunes at "Spank" a 70s and 80s event. We wore fluro costumes, afros, even a police outfit and some stunning costumes that Dalena designed and made. It was an absolutely fantastic night, and if you love to have fun with a mature crowd then Spank events are the place for you.

After that, Dalena and I headed off to Sydney for our 15 minutes of fame! We had the pleasure of performing a samba routine on the morning program Studio 10 at Channel 10 where they were featuring the World Cup. It was so much fun and the hosts were so interactive. They got up to join in and even John Edward danced a little with us.

Enjoy a video of our performance here

A little bit more Brazil lime light was on us as we were lucky enough to grace the front cover of the MX magazine. It was definitely a festive Brazilian flavoured month.

What a fantastic half way point for the year.

Captivate. Dance. Ignite.