March was the month
of adaptation

MARCH 2014

We had the pleasure of performing at numerous functions and each event provided us with valuable lessons.

Firstly Dalena and I performed our Rumba and Paso Doble at the 40th wedding anniversary of a lovely couple. It was a surprise for them and was hosted at their son's house. We performed in a 3 x 1.5 metre space where we executed lifts, tricks and intricate choreography. It was a great success with the biggest hit being the Paso Doble.

Our 'Be Enchanted - Bollywood' show teamed up with Julia Androsenko from Little Brazil to perform a Brazil and Bollywood presentation for the party people at Astoria Receptions.Latin Heat Show

We did have difficulty with the distance we had to travel to make our quick costume changes but the show goes on and we had the pleasure of performing at Astoria again the following week. This time we moved our change room to a different area and all changes were made with ease. Successful adaptation! The colour, fun and vibrancy of Brazil and Bollywood was felt by all the guests at this beautiful wedding.

Dalena and I also performed our salsa at Goodlife Wantirna, with the gym members as our audience. We entertained people sweating it out on treadmills and then rotated our performance 180 degrees so the people behind us who were at the entrance could see. It was an improvisation task but we made it work and had fun while playing with our salsa.

The Goodlife Health & Wellbeing event is a great initiative. It is fantastic to see the local businesses come together demonstrating different areas of health and fitness for the community with a fun week of activities and events.

From dancing at different locations to our final shows of at Rio's Brazilian Restaurant.

Even though we had performed there week in and week out since January, there are always changing conditions to adapt to. As Rio's is a restaurant, there are occasions when people spill food on the dance floor making it slippery. You have to be really focused and pull your energy back to cope with the floor and give the entertaining performance that you know your audience have come to see.

Also on our second last performance at Rio's our improvisation skills were put to the test as the music stopped 3 times! Maybe the third time was lucky as it didn't happen again after that. Phew! We had to keep the performance going no matter what and sometimes the imperfections allow you to connect with your guests even more. We were extremely lucky with the fantastic group we had that night.

These situations remind you to relax during the show. It also stresses to us the importance of making sure we have checked as many aspects of show, venue and equipment as we possibly can. We also like to gauge our audience as much as possible before the show goes on. The rest is out of our control!!

Marvellous March.

Captivate. Dance. Ignite.