Bollywood Show Joy!

MAY 2014

The HD team had the pleasure of bringing Bollywood joy to many different people this month. Bollywood is such a family-friendly, fun, vibrant and colourful form of entertainment.

Dalena and I enjoyed teaching a fun Bollywood Class at Beth's 50th Birthday. We were greeted by such friendly people and were so happy to teach everyone some Bollywood moves, even though some people would never normally dance in public. Bollywood is too much fun to resist!Bollywood Dance Show

From teaching Bollywood to having the crew wow the crowd at an adorable 4 year old girl’s birthday party. Our new delightful dancer Hana Dawson joined Ryan Schrader, Dalena and me to hype up the crowd and get them smiling.

Dalena and I also enjoyed seeing smiling faces in the crowd when we performed our Salsa routine at the RMIT Busta-A-Groove event. This event is a great chance for students to perform, share dance and even win $500! Always a great vibe and an absolute joy to perform for this wonderful crowd, they are also very good students.

From us performing, to seeing our students perform. Jeremy and Mel were exceptional in performing their spectacular bridal dance. The lovely couple looked beautiful performing an elegant waltz entrance then switch to a dramatic tango.

A smoke machine, stunning lighting and a fabulous fireworks display at the end of their routine added a fitting finale to the performance of these wonderful people.

May you all have a jovial June.

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