Medal Night, The Palms
& Lots of Dancing!


September was a massive month and we definitely needed a spring in our step to keep up with all the fantastic events we were involved in.

Our students were brilliant on so many levels this month, whether they were participating at the Melbourne Uni Tango social or performing at our dazzling medal night.

A medal night is a grading and celebration night for our students. We have students who are seasoned performers who stretch their limits to achieve heartfelt performances, and first time performers, who are experimenting with dance and the personal journey that it takes them on as they learn to perform in public.

We are always very proud of our students as they navigate these difficult challenges and then shine after conquering their fears. We had first time performers from Melbourne Uni and RMIT coming together to perform a wonderful Tango/Salsa routine, first time bronze medallists and exceptional gold star Latin American presentations. This fantastic night was a huge success!

From the teaching aspect of what we do, we went to the choreography and performance side, by creating our Latin Dance version of ‘Sleeping Beauty’. It was part of a fantastic concept produced by Masters of Choreography duo, Jennifer & Milo Peric. This brilliant production was called ‘Once Upon A Time’ and came together at The Palms, Crown Casino. The clever creation highlighted the talents of 12 Melbourne choreographers who presented 12 different fairy tales.Brazilian Show Melbourne

The amount of work to present a show at The Palms with our cast of 10 was massive but definitely worth it. Dalena produced all the costumes for our cast including Brazilian bikinis, shirts and a unique Paso Doble skirt which unravelled to become a 15 metre cape that we incorporated into our fight scene with Malificent.

We even went for extra detail in making a bed for sleeping beauty (Dalena).

The crowd in both the 5pm and 8pm show gave us a great response and signing all the kids programs after the show was also a highlight.

Another show we performed in September was our Bolly/Brazil show in Traralgon. This show is quickly becoming very popular as the colour, vibrancy and energy are so joyous.

We also had a cheeky "Retro Cop" performance at a Hen’s Night.

This was so much fun and we love performing "family friendly" entertainment at Hen’s parties and getting everyone dancing.

We are looking forward to October being another brilliant month.

- Hooman Ebadi

Captivate. Dance. Ignite.