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Dalena Leggieri - HD Entertainment


Dalena Leggieri is a sassy, vibrant and sensual dancer, who brings her own professional skills, interpretation and creative attack to entertainment and displays an endless amount of talent in all aspects of dance and performance.

Dalena started her dance training at the age of 3, learning from the greats of the dance industry, Bert Shaw & Camille Edwards. She trained in jazz, tap and ballet and this wonderful start to her dance career gave Dalena the strong foundation that she draws upon today.

Dalena moved on to the genres of hip hop and acro to enhance her skill set, training under Tania Attard at Attitudes Dance School until her early 20's. She continued training at Dance Factory directing her attention into musical theatre before making her mark in the dance industry.

Dalena has now taken a step forward in the Latin world training from Professional Australian Latin Champions, David Byrnes and Karla Gerbes.

This versatile and extensive training combined with her determination, ability and creativity has lead Dalena to perform and work in a broad range of dance shows, television shows and theatre productions.

Dalena has performed in theatre shows such as The Production Company's season of 'Hair', Latitude's 'El Ritmo' and 'Conga Xpress' and Fabio Robles 'Ole Ola'. She has performed several times on Channel 9's 'Footy Show Player Review', as well as in television commercials and episodes of 'Neighbours' 'Winner and Losers' 'City Homicide' and 'Satisfaction' on Foxtel. She has gained residency positions at Copacabana, Rio's Brazilian Restaurant and Latitude Dance Company where she danced for 4 years, and is currently a resident dancer in the TJ King of Pop show.

Dalena is a highly skilled costume designer and manufacturer, as well as a proficient music editor. She is one of the leading costume makers in Melbourne with great concepts and well finished commercial, Latin and cutting edge costumes. All her work is carried out to exacting standards, with a high degree of expertise and attention to detail.

This broad range of experience and skill makes Dalena an invaluable asset to HD-Entertainment. She has great flair for choreographing staged shows and has done so for artists such as Deni Hines, Gina G, Sarah C and Anthony Callea. She also choreographs for club performances at Rogue Dance, Love Machine, Randy Dragon and other exciting venues in Melbourne.

Dalena has endless talent in all aspects of dance, creation and performance. She is the whole package: a friendly and intelligent soul wrapped up in a vivacious and entertaining performer.

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Dalena Leggieri
Captivate. Dance. Ignite.