Dance Classes
For You

We offer private and group dance lessons.

We will teach you how to move and groove to the beat.

Dancing is such a beautiful skill to have whether you are young or simply young at heart.

Our patience, encouragement and knowledge will give you the tools to achieve your goals in dancing, whether you want to be a confident social dancer or compete on the international stage.

Freedom of movement to music with another person and to be able to speak the language of dance is what we love to share.

Dancing can help you explore not just the technical aspects of movement and musicality but most importantly the ability to breathe and enjoy yourself.

You will learn to dance with personality and improvise with style, and the dancer within will be unleashed.

We offer private lessons and 1-hour group salsa classes.

We specialise in Latin dance, but can provide expert instruction in many other styles.

Dance Classes
Captivate. Dance. Ignite.

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