Hooman Ebadi is a passionate and dedicated performer. His energy, drive and appetite for dance was only understood and realized later into his teenage years.

Hooman's first foray into dance occurred when he started learning swing dancing at his high school. This sparked his interest and found him venturing into the Swiss Club in Flinders Lane, Melbourne to listen to the JW Big Band. He watched with amazement and envy at how beautifully his fellow classmates and other patrons could dance to the music.

This might not have been the first attraction to dance, it was however the clearest message for him to pursue it. The journey to learn, create and dance had begun.

Hooman started learning basic break dancing with the Wickid Force Crew and also salsa at Dance Dynamics in Box Hill.

During his dance education, Hooman was at university studying a Bachelor of Health Science. Prior to that he had completed a TAFE course in Personal Training and worked as a PT at Fitness First. He worked numerous jobs in the fitness and health industry and developed an extensive pool of knowledge and experiences that have enhanced his skills in the art of movement. He continues to utilize this experience to develop his passion for dance.

This period spanned 10 years and during that time Hooman became a dance teacher at Dance Dynamics. He also taught at Sway, Rio, The Space, You Can Dance and Hit the Floor dance studios.

The experience of teaching gave Hooman the incentive to study more of his craft. Hooman was fortunate enough to be instructed in Latin and Ballroom by the inimitable Jenny Rosenfeld. He also completed 3 years full time dance training under Robert Sturrock at Industry Dance in Jazz, Hip Hop, Contemporary and Ballet. He is currently learning with professional Latin champion couple, David Byrnes and Karla Gerbes.

This diverse training has lead Hooman to perform in Latin stage shows with some of Australia's leading choreographers. He has had competition success with championship wins in Latin American dance, has done international performances in Puerto Rico and spent 3 years as a resident dancer at Copacabana Brazilian Restaurant.

His training with Robert Sturrock provided the opportunity to perform in many screen and club performances. Screen performances include Thank God You're Here', 'It Takes Two', 'Footy Show Players Review' and 'Winners & Losers'. Hooman was also a resident dancer at Love Machine for 2 years and has performed with many singers at Rogue Dance Parties and various other clubs.

His professionalism, reliability and passion for enhancing/ developing his students' ability to dance, has made Hooman a successful and sought after instructor. He teaches one-on-one, small and large groups (such as Sydney Salsa Congress), at corporate events and much more.

Hooman believes dance is a skill, communication and art that he takes pride in passing on. It is a skill that needs to be nurtured to develop. He also believes the process of learning should be fun. He provides a relaxed teaching environment where students can make mistakes, take risks and explore themselves without feeling intimidated.

Recently Hooman, together with his beautiful and talented partner Dalena, developed their own dance company - HD Entertainment.

HD Entertainment has already set new standards in costuming, staging and final performance presentations in Latin, Bollywood and Club shows. To create such dynamic shows Hooman has combined his technical training and experience with his passion for the art form to create new, exciting and spectacular performances for HD Entertainment.

He currently performs with his trademark passion and intensity with the HD Entertainment crew in numerous different styles. His dedication to his craft and commitment to learning, developing, creating and performing are intensified as HD Entertainment continues to captivate audiences from the outset. His main aim is to dance with freedom and ignite emotions and feelings in his audience to give them a complete entertaining experience.

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Hooman Ebadi
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