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The Brazilian Samba Dance: A brief history

The Brazilian Samba Dance: A brief history

Brazilian Samba – where did it come from? The origins of the Brazilian Samba dance date back to the 16th century during the Portuguese colonisation of Brazil. In order to cope with the growing demand for Brazilian commodities such as cane sugar (and later the Brazilian Gold Rush), the Portuguese bought slaves from Africa to

HD Entertainment End of Year Showcase 2019

On Sunday 24th November 2019 we held our End of Year Showcase and once again our students completely impressed us and made us so proud showing great courage, growth and joy through dance! Twice a year we hold our showcase event where our students perform and share what they have been working on with friends,

How To Create a Memorable Wedding Dance

The Bridal Dance (or Wedding Dance) has the potential to be the most memorable part of any wedding. In this article we take you through the process and principles we at HD Entertainment use to help wonderful bridal couples achieve a memorable first dance at their wedding. As a professional dancer, choreographer, personal trainer and