Dance Classes


Why Dance?

We believe dance is a wonderful addition to your active lifestyle, whether it is a hobby or profession, dance will release a confidence level in yourself that is addictive and satisfying, not only is dance great exercise for the body it challenges the mind.

We at HD Entertainment have been training, dancing and performing for years and have seen the benefits of dance, not only in our own lives but in those we teach and work with. The best thing about dance – no matter how long you have been doing it there is always more to learn, explore and enjoy, we never tire from it.

What is the difference between beginner, intermediate and advanced dance classes?

This level is aimed at new-comers, if you have never danced before, trying a new style of dance or it has simply been a while between classes, we suggest you enrol yourself in to beginner level classes, they work at an appropriate pace, breaking down technique and choreography to gain the most out of the dance class.

If you have danced before, whether it be socially or casual classes, and you are ready to improve your skills a little further then intermediate class is for you. You must already now basics in technique and movement.

These classes are aimed at professional dancers, teachers and social dancers. This works to improve your ability as a professional dancer and to pick up, retain and stylise choreography. You must have a clear understanding of techniques, dance terminology and combinations.

Dance Styles We offer