Personal training and innovative group sessions is something we have uniquely created to offer everyone an opportunity to excel and “elevate the human experience in your body”.

We deliver strength and conditioning training to improve you athletically or aesthetically.

The use of squats, deadlifts, presses (bench, shoulder etc), cable machine, Thera-bands and balance exercises allows us to help you achieve your goals.

We have fun beginner friendly exercise classes such as Dancer-obics which is a combination of dance and aerobics.

Also offering AM and PM group sessions to allow you flexibility in achieving your fitness goals.

We have a 10am Fitness class on our level 3 studio and a Mini’s dance class (3-6year olds) in our level 2 dance studio to allow parents to exercise for themselves and get expert dance tuition for their child.

After conducting a comprehensive screening and assessment we offer our members full fitness testing to give everyone clear progress bench marks, a commitment we make to all our members.

We are fortunate to collaborate with some exceptional allied health professionals in nutrition and body work and regularly combine forces to ensure success in achieving your fitness goals.