Gyrotonic® Method


In our quest to improve as dancers physically, technically and artistically we discovered Juliu Horvath’s GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM®️.

This unique movement methodology helps you in many ways such as “a healthier and more supple spine, increased range of motion, greater joint stability, improved agility and athletic performance and a deep internal strength” (as written in the GYROTONIC® website).

We are thrilled to offer The GYROTONIC® Method and GYROKINESIS® Method at our studio with one on one sessions and group classes.

The GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM®️ is very unique as it has an international body that regulates content, training, equipment and has high standards for protocols and progressions.

The students ability to improve co-ordination, strengthen and stretch simultaneously and develop connections neurologically and physically is a magical aspect of this method.

This method of physical development is fantastic for many people/athletes that require rotation, mobility and co-ordination.

The spiral and ever expanding feature of this style is something we see in nature and has been noticed for centuries even by Leonardo Da Vinci, we love this element and feeling of the GYROTONIC® Method.

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