On Sunday 24th November 2019 we held our End of Year Showcase and once again our students completely impressed us and made us so proud showing great courage, growth and joy through dance! Twice a year we hold our showcase event where our students perform and share what they have been working on with friends, family and wonderful guests. Everyone dances for different reasons however each performance and moment is unique and special.

This year Dewi performed her first contemporary dance solo and a fun jive showcase. In her dance classes Dalena created and worked with Dewi to create a stunning and challenging contemporary dance routine to Ave Mari by Celine Dion. In the ballroom dance genre she was colourful and vibrant dancing a jive to Wake me up by Wham.

Isa always amazes us with her growth and determination performing a fun Cha cha dance and challenging Tap dance choreographed by Dalena. Tap is such a fun, rhythmic dance. It has many therapeutic benefits with ankle mobility, co-ordination, and sound/rhythm recognition. We can quickly identify when one foot is not as clear with a rhythm or sound and work directly on improving this for better balance, walking (articulating feet when walking to minimise “catching” in gait).

Karen performed a unique Argentine Tango to A Evaristo Carriego by Roberto Alvarez and Estilo Para Bailar. This beautiful song was danced so well that Karen won the best performance of the event. This was awarded by our highly acclaimed adjudicator Jenny Rosenfeld. Jenny was on numerous occasions Professional Australian Latin Champion in Ballroom dancing and international finalist, Jenny also adjudicated internationally and is a true icon and treasure of Ballroom dancing in Australia.

Our colourful and fabulous student Dee performed an elegant contemporary dance showing great pose, balance, large volume movement and grace. She not only had the grace card up her sleeve but also danced a vibrant, joyous Brazilian Samba.  In her dance classes Dalena and I are always impressed with Dee’s ability to deeply un-pack movement and discipline in practicing between each dance class.

The gorgeous young lady Sofia performed a Cha cha cha which was the first time she ever danced and performed in public. Such courage and discipline is involved in performing in front of an audience for the first time. It is such a joy to nurture a student to the point of their first performance. Every time you dance and perform is a big deal and it’s such an honour to be involved in these moments!

Marta also performed for the first time with such a gracefully and feminine Rumba, its so incredible watching, teaching and dancing with a student as they overcome barriers to perform so beautifully.

Annika danced an athletic and artistic Rumba. Every student we have the pleasure to teach has such wonderful talent, individuality and joy in the way they move and express themselves and Annika is a highly capable combination of athlete and artist.

The power of dance is shown when Julia performs, Julia performed a solo contemporary dance which was expressive, present and courageous. I’ve had the honour of teaching Julia for over 15 years.

Suzanne Ress is a natural in the spotlight and I love dancing with her. She is truly a star and whether it be performing for the Channel 9, Channel 10 cameras, or The Leader Newspaper she lights up the room and is incredibly engaging. She performed a glorious Argentine Tango to La Cumparsita by Carlos Gardel (her favourite song).

Hannah is our electric Salsa Dance performer! Hannah danced one of the most engaging Salsa dances and she was heavily involved in the creative process of developing the routine. Co-creating with students is as vital a part of my teaching as developing students technical ability, musicality, and physicality all while keeping their individuality (which is vital).

Rhonda danced a truly elegant Argentine Tango! A true combination of an artistic and disciplined dancer. I’ve also had the pleasure of teaching Rhonda for over 15 years!

We closed the show with Cheryl dancing an emotive show dance which combined the Waltz, Rumba and Tango. Cheryl is another student of mine that I have been teaching for over 15 years.

Having the pleasure and honour of teaching people for over a decade and seeing them grow is such a privilege as a teacher.

Watch all the highlights from our End of Year Showcase 2019